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There are no snowflakes inhell.



"Yeah…" She wants to know how they got there in the first place. But it seems insensitive to ask further. Instead, she takes a peek into Illyana’s head. She knows she’s not allowed, but it seems like the best choice.

Illyana narrows her eyes. The attempt to get into her head is like an obnoxious scratching inside her skull and even though she knows her otherwordly mental blocks will hold, the fact that Jean even tried to invade her private thoughts and memories enrages her, “What are you doing?”




Rachel winced as the grip on her hand suddenly became vicelike. Turning around Rachel’s eyes widened at the look on Kitty’s face. “Kitty?”

She hadn’t seen Kitty move that fast in a while. Jumping up Rachel ran after her, she should be able to catch up pretty easily. She should call Illyana.


[ she slammed the bathroom door closed behind
her and, on a whim, flipped the lock. she sat
down heavily on the lid of the toilet, doubled over
her stomach as much as she could and her hands
rubbing across it as if that would soothe the pain.
she cooed down at it. 

"Shhh, it’s okay. We’re fine. Just stay in there. Don’t
freak out. We’re fine.”

( dasvidaniyabitches )

( she’s standing in a long line when she feels
the first bout of discomfort from her soul link
with Kitty. her eyes narrow and all of a sudden
getting her lover a milkshake is the last thing on
her mind. she steps out of line and the moment
she’s outside on the pavement, she summons
a stepping disc and teleports directly into the
bathroom with Kitty.  )

     ❝ Katya?

( she drops down to Kitty’s side and places a
hand on the small of her back
. )

     ❝ Katya, what’s wrong?

{ thephoenixrachelsummers }

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Help I’ve been emotionally compromised by Rebekah Mikaelson and it’s all theimmortxl's fault.

Just got online and this was the first post on my dash HAHAHA >D NOW YEW KNOW MY PAIN HGUDSFIPDSUFHDSPIFUDSFIUDHF 


Help I’ve been emotionally compromised by Rebekah Mikaelson and it’s all theimmortxl's fault.



"Wow. I’m sorry I brought that up. It must have not been easy."

"I’m just glad everyone survived.”



"How did you escape?"

"I was able to get us out after…a struggle.”

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"Isn’t my presence alone enough to prove everything to you?" Rebekah shut the wardrobe doors and moved on to another, tugging it open to reveal just as many pairs of jeans and various other pants as she had dresses. Clothing was always something that she made sure she had an extensive collection of. "Knickers here, shirts are hanging in the dresser beside this one." With that she took a step back, so that the woman could choose for herself what she wanted to wear. Of course everything would be subject to Rebekah’s approval, but she didn’t need to add that little bit into the conversation just yet.

"It seems as though your world has far worse dangers than this one. I wonder…" Her voice trailed off for a moment as she lost herself in thought. "Do you know much about vampires, Illyana? I am curious as to how such things came about where you are from. Here, they have a very unique story.”

Taking a quick look at the photo on Illyana’s phone, she found herself smiling softly to herself. It made her miss her own brothers, mainly Elijah. “He does look quite a bit like Elijah. Although he is very different in personality. Neither of my brothers are very gentle. I’m still sore at Nik for some of the stunts he has pulled.” And why was she now talking to the girl as if they were friends? If only Nik could see her now, letting this relative stranger go through her clothes, surely he would make a scene out of it all. “Train, teach, what is the difference?”


Illyana wasn’t sure if the other woman was making a joke, being awfully full of herself, or both. She gave Rebekah another amused smile with an arch of her eyebrow as she followed her to the next wardrobe. She could honestly say that she had never seen this many clothes in her life. Kitty was bad, and she was sure Emma was much worse than Kitty, but she didn’t think either of them were as bad as this. On second thought, Emma probably was this bad, but the point still stood. That was a lot of clothing.

She poked through the large selection of pants, hoping for something—anything—similar to what she had back at “home”. She found a pair of jeans that looked well enough, and she turned her head to look at Rebekah as she pulled them out and into her arms, “No, not much. I was only told what I needed to know to defend our home from them.” She moved to the next wardrobe, the one that the other blonde said the shirts were in, and pulled the doors open to see what her options were. “What’s their story here?” Who knew, maybe their origins weren’t too far off. Though, she was more curious to know if these supernatural creatures might be this world’s version of mutants.

Catching the soft smile on Rebekah’s face as she took her phone back brought another one to Illyana’s. “Piotr is too gentle for his own good sometimes.” She mused, taking a moment to glance at the photo for herself before tucking the device back into her pocket. “Has he hurt you?” A blunt question, maybe, but it was the first thing to come to mind. It was the only way she could imagine holding anger or resentment towards Piotr. Cradling the jeans on her arm, she pulled a shirt from the wardrobe to examine it closer. “Simply teaching them, like at a real school, would be ideal and much less dangerous. But that isn’t possible right now, so I train them to use their powers and how to survive. We have a lot of enemies and they need to know how to handle themselves when the times comes.”